Ralph Lauren Barely Visits His Enormous Car Palace And That's Okay

Ralph Lauren's car collection is very nearly perfect. It holds gems like the 1930 Mercedes-Benz SSK "Comte Trossi" (pictured here), a 1955 Jaguar XKD, a McLaren F1 LM, and a Ruf CTR3. So when a lawsuit divulged that he only spends 30 hours a year in his garage, I was weirdly cool with that. » 1/30/15 10:05pm Friday 10:05pm

This Is How Photographers Get Those Gorgeous Shots Of Race Cars

You ever see a photo of a pair of Aston Martin race cars screaming down the track, and you wonder "how did they get that shot? Did they strap a guy to the wing of a third race car? Is that definitely what happened?" Well, no. That's not what happened. But they do let a guy hang out the back of a minivan at 120 MPH. » 1/30/15 9:33am Friday 9:33am

This Bizarre Video Explains Why People Tend To Avoid Using Methanol Fuel

What you're watching is not a young Robby Gordon, taking a break from a little racing at the 1997 Indy 500, just to frolic in the grass. What you're watching is Robby Gordon fighting desperately to save his own life, as his car burst into searing hot flames. Except a big problem is that the fire is completely… » 1/29/15 10:44am Thursday 10:44am

Man Sues Ford After Getting Fired For Publishing Homophobic Rant

Ford, like most American car companies, is known for being pretty progressive. It's so progressive, in fact, that it was rated one of the best places to work in 2015 by the Human Rights Campaign. And working in such a place got one guy so upset, he vomited out a disgusting, hate-filled rant for which he was allegedly… » 1/29/15 10:10am Thursday 10:10am

The Finns Turned An Excavator Into A Perfect Ridiculous Amusement Ride

You, like me, have definitely looked at a giant earth mover before and thought, "no, this is wrong. All wrong. This thing's true purpose has never been realized." But there, the thoughts stopped, for True Perfection Is Unknowable. Until now, when a bunch of Finns turned one into a giant bungie swing. » 1/28/15 5:05pm Wednesday 5:05pm

The absolute low point came in about 1990, when Oldsmobile created this cool aerodynamic concept sports car called the Aerotech – which A.J. Foyt drove 257 miles per hour on a test track – at the same time their production lineup included the Cutlass Ciera with a 3-speed automatic and a blue velour interior.

» 1/28/15 3:05pm Wednesday 3:05pm

This Is Exactly How Insane The Collector Car Market Is Right Now

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is up! The S&P 500 is up! NASDAQ is way up! But none of those have anything on the collector car market, which is nothing short of absolute insanity at the moment. And this chart is proof. » 1/28/15 2:25pm Wednesday 2:25pm

The McLaren 675LT Will Be A Lightweight, Long Tail Track Day Demon Spawn

The McLaren 675LT is coming, and it will be the most track ready 650S you can get. The "LT" stands for "Longtail," (not lightweight, like we thought) and that means it'll be bigger and faster than any 12C, 625C, or 650S that came before it. And it has a long tail HOLY CRAP. » 1/28/15 10:48am Wednesday 10:48am

Top Gear Is Reportedly Going To Happen For At Least Three More Years

Despite all the crap Top Gear's both been through and put itself through, it appears the quickly greying juggernaut can not be stopped. The Mirror reports that Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond are all closing in on a three-year contract extension. » 1/27/15 2:20pm Tuesday 2:20pm

Belfast To Its Citizens: Please Stop Eating Nasty-Ass Road Fish

Good lord, Northern Ireland. One truck, carrying a whole bunch of mackerel dumps the load into the grimy, gross street, and you lot all go running to pick it up like lunch has just been served. It's gotten to the point where your city needed to say something about it. Get it together. » 1/27/15 2:10pm Tuesday 2:10pm

And Now For 24 Full Snow-Packed Minutes From The 2014 Rally Sweden

Well, technically it's 24 and a half minutes. But if you're one of those strange people who pines for the beach in the middle of a blizzard, let last year's Rally Sweden convince you that humanity is always destined to triumph over snow. By driving very, very fast through it. » 1/26/15 10:46am 1/26/15 10:46am