Throng of Theremin Players Performs Beethoven's Ninth Symphony

Here now are 167 musicians playing the absolute hell out of 167 matryomins, to the tune of a boogie-tastic Beethoven's 9th. Be apprised: "matryomin" is a portmanteau of matryoshka (as in nested matryoshka doll) and theremin. It's... basically exactly what it sounds like. »7/30/13 1:21am7/30/13 1:21am

Antigua Decides to Just Straight-Up Give Away Movies, Music For Free


Ah, Antigua. An island paradise, resplendent in beauty and nature. And now, free movies everyone!  The nation of Antigua and Barbuda has been given the right, by the World Trade Organization (WTO), to give out any movies or music coming from the United States. »2/12/13 3:18pm2/12/13 3:18pm

For free. »2/12/13 3:18pm2/12/13 3:18pm

The judgment results from a WTO ruling… »2/12/13 3:18pm2/12/13 3:18pm

Candidate for Texas Lieutenant Governor A Bit Loony, Likes Making Internet Memes About Himself

This is Jerry Patterson, and he is a Real Man running for a Real Office in the Real State of Texas. You might think this picture is a joke, some sort of satirical fantasy created by a detractor. "HA! That Jerry Patterson,” you say, noting his seemingly endless devotion to guns and weapons and guns. "He loves guns so… »2/12/13 2:20pm2/12/13 2:20pm