"Go, GOOOOOOO!!!" Woman Shouts Due To Iceberg-Induced Boating Terror

When an iceberg collapses, sending its freezing shards into the sea below, it can look pretty and all ooooooh-y and aaaaaaah-y. Except if you're up close, and then you realize that those shards actually generate humongous, potentially boat-flipping waves that could ruin your whole day. » 7/28/14 12:09pm Monday 12:09pm

Listen To The Next-Gen Shelby Mustang Bomb Around The Nurburgring

The reveal of the next-generation Ford SVT/Shelby GT 350/500 (really, whatever they're going to call it) is fast approaching, and it's up against powerful competition. But that might not matter, as we can now get an extensive look at it undergoing serious handling testing at the Nurburgring. » 7/27/14 6:21pm Sunday 6:21pm

Nothing Is Better Than Being Strapped Directly Onto A Pagani Zonda

I have heard your cries, from hither, from yon, all yearning with one voice, with one plea. "Please, please, I'd love to know what it's like to have my face strapped right next to the exhaust pipe of a Pagani Zonda Tricolore, preferably at full song." Consider your prayers answered. » 7/27/14 3:30pm Sunday 3:30pm

Medevaced Racer Reportedly Conscious, Stable After Huge Accident

Marcus Mahy, the Kessel Racing Ferrari driver who required an airlift to the hospital after colliding with Vadim Kogay, is conscious, moving all of his limbs, and responding well to stimuli, according to multiple reports. He had earlier been placed in a medically-induced coma. » 7/27/14 12:26pm Sunday 12:26pm

This New MiG-29 Fighter Jet Video Is Absolutely Marvelous

From Foxtrot Alpha: A few months back Mike Ballaban posted one of the coolest combat aircraft videos of the year, called 'Fulcrum Drivers,' that put us right into the cockpit of the mighty MiG-29 during some jaw dropping maneuvers. Well now the Fulcrum and its master are back for 'Fulcrum Drivers II.' » 7/27/14 10:33am Sunday 10:33am

Your Ridiculously Awesome Lamborghini Gallardo Wallpaper Is Here

The Lamborghini Gallardo may be gone, replaced by the Huracan, but it's not exactly the kind of car you say "good riddance" to. You cherish it, remember it for what it was, and for what it always will be. Enough with the cloying sweetness, though. Thing's got a V10 and it goes like absolute stink. » 7/26/14 5:39pm Saturday 5:39pm

One Driver Medevaced As Huge Crash At Spa 24 Hours Halts Race

A huge crash at the Spa 24 Hours left the race red-flagged, with medical helicopters on track. The crash occurred when drivers Marcus Mahy and Vadim Kogay collided, ripping the engine out of Mahy's Ferrari, according to Autosport. Mahy is reportedly in stable condition after being medevaced. » 7/26/14 4:19pm Saturday 4:19pm

Fiat Dips Its Toes Into The Offroad Water With Fiat 500L Vans Concept

With Mini building softroaders like the Countryman, and Volkswagen nipping at its heels with the Beetle Dune, it's only a matter of time before we see some sort of crossover Fiat. Sadly, I don't think we'll be getting the Panda over here, but the Fiat 500L Vans Concept just dropped. » 7/26/14 3:34pm Saturday 3:34pm

Man On The Hood Of Car Is The Most Terrifying Dash Cam You'll Ever See

Every "driver's worst nightmare" scenario involves a child jumping out to chase a ball, or a truck careening into your path, or breaking down on a lonely road. But a clearly drug-addled man, riding the hood of your car, staring you in the face with dead eyes and clawing at your windshield is much worse. » 7/26/14 1:30pm Saturday 1:30pm